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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

There are 4 main types of alloy wheel refurbishment:

  • Cosmetic repair to the damaged section only
  • Chemical strip and powder coat finish
  • Chemical strip and powder primed with a water borne colour applied before clear coat
  • CNC Diamond turned repair

Touch n Go’s highly trained technicians are able to carry out any of the four techniques to suit your pocket and expectations.

A cosmetic repair is ideal as it saves time and money, can be carried out in the same day and only repairs the section of the wheel that has been damaged, usually by a brush with a kerb. The wheel is removed from the vehicle and the front bead of the tyre is broken away from the rim to facilitate the repair. This repair can be carried out either at our World Headquarters in Wakefield or by our Mobile technicians at your home or work.

Chemical stripping means a visit to our headquarters in Wakefield. This usually takes two to three days and the process begins by tyre removal. The alloy is then chemically stripped to remove all the coating leaving a bare alloy wheel, which is then vapour blasted to key the surface ready for the chosen powder coat to be applied before baking at over 200degrees.

After cool down the tyres are fitted and balanced ready to be fitted to your vehicle.

To wet paint we use the same process as above, however instead of a powder colour we powder prime and then match your wheel colour using our water borne paint and then we clear coat to protect the colour finish. Again the tyres are refitted and balanced ready to be fitted to your ride.

The last repair technique is the latest and now becoming a very popular finish for many manufacturers.

A diamond turned alloy wheel is produced using a CNC lathe to cut the face of the wheel before clear coat is applied.

We have invested heavily recently to provide our CNC machine shop to repair your alloy wheels no matter what finish you have.

We can also colour change your wheels and are building up our colour portfolio so we have the colour you want when you want it.

We constantly strive to have the latest up to date colours and finishes.

Touch n Go can also coat motorcycle wheels and push iron wheels.

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