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Leather & Interior Repairs

A leather repair is usually carried out to sell a vehicle when the bolster is worn from clothing rubbing whilst getting in and out of a vehicle.

We also repair the accidental cuts and tears caused by luggage or that all important trip to the household refuse site. We can of course freshen up your leather interior by cleaning and treating the leather seat covers, particularly on Ivory or light grey colours.

General Interior Repairs

General interior repairs began as the hole filling where your mobile phone dock used to be screwed in to the dashboard. Since these early days interior plastics have come a long way and every manufacturer uses a different plastic or finish to their interiors.

A new door trim for instance can cost well over £500 plus fitting so a repair is usually the most cost effective and quickest option.

As many interior accoutrements are considerably more expensive than they once were and with lease companies becoming very particular when they off hire a vehicle these repairs can save hundreds of pounds.

Our repairs typically involve door trims where seat belts have caught. Scratches to dashboards and centre consoles. We even repair holes in carpets

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